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+27 (0) 783052183 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Unit 9 Bimex Square, 5 Star junction, Cnr Juice and Beyers Naude, Honeydew
+27 (0) 783052183 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Unit 9 Bimex Square, 5 Star junction, Cnr Juice and Beyers Naude, Honeydew
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Training Programs

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Training Programs

We believe that investing in training is investing in your business. The right training helps increase productivity, engagement, retention and ultimately the profit. A number of different factors driving training activities include:

For Communities: The driving factor is the creation of dynamic industrial and labour markets that survive economic downturns as well as provide variety of employment opportunities and increased local development.
For Companies/Firms: The driving factor is the market, the need to remain competitive in what is offered to final consumers.
For Employees: It is acquiring skills that can lead to a better job and remuneration.

At Ruping Investments, training is one of our key service delivery points; we are bound not only by Business obligations but also Moral obligations to equip our community, employees, and employers with the updated skills to enhance effective and efficient environment/workstations. We identify the specific skill requirement of our clients and prepare Client Unique based programs that suite their demands. This is being done in the form of in-house training and public workshops. We offer customized training in areas of technical and non-technical programs. Below is the list of some of our courses; however the list is not exhaustive as we can customize per request by client: List of Programs we offer:

Community Based Programmes

▹Project Management
▹New venture creation
▹Business development
▹Financial management
▹Business Administration
▹Human resources and marketing skills
▹Other soft, non-technical skills relating to community projects

Non Technical Skills (Soft Skills)

▹Report and proposal writing
▹Analytical thinking skills
▹Personal debt management
▹Interpersonal communication skills
▹Effective office administration
▹Business writing skills
▹Telephone and reception skills
▹Reception skills
▹Mentorship skills
▹Train the trainer (facilitation skills)
▹Emotions Management
▹Advanced Computer skills

Management Skills

▹Self and team motivation techniques
▹Conflict management skills
▹Corporate Governance
▹Coordinating, organizing and controlling
▹Effective Leadership vs. Management
▹Delegating and directing
▹Contemporary leadership for emerging managers
▹The performance management process
▹Managing time and stress
▹Team leadership program
▹Facilitating high performance teams
▹Guided decision making and problem solving
▹Organizational design status
▹Project coordination
▹Change management
▹Communication strategy and Plan
▹Stakeholder identification and engagement
▹Development job description
▹Development of Standard of Operations

Special Public Sector Courses

▹Financial accounting and budgeting for Municipalities
▹GRAP/GAMAP financial requirements and compliance
▹Debt Management and liquidity management

▹Budgeting for Public Sector
▹Public Sector financial accounting
▹Strategic Asset Management Planning
▹PFMA (Government Departments), MFMA (Municipalities) compliance requirements
▹Strategic Asset Management Planning
▹Public sector financial accounting
▹Budgeting for public sector
▹Debt management and liquidity management

Human Resources

▹Training evaluation and need analysis
▹Effective Human resources management
▹Behavioral issues management
▹Archive and record management
▹Electronic Records Management
▹Employee Relationship Management
▹Staff Recruitment and Selection
▹Team Building & Motivational Talking Marketing & communications
▹Sales Training
▹Events Management
▹Corporate Communications, Crisis Planning & Media Relations
▹Measuring & Managing Return on Marketing Investment
▹Brand Promotion Ambassadors Technical
▹Incident Investigation
▹Finance for Project Managers
▹Cost Management
▹Supply Chain Management
▹Technical Writing Skills
▹Health and Safety Management
▹Contracts Management


▹Effective cost cutting strategies
▹Cost and management accounting
▹Liquidity and working capital management
▹Activity Based Costing, Budgeting & Management
▹Essential Financial Skills for the Public Sector
▹Finance for non-financial managers
▹International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
▹Effective Working Capital Management
▹Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
▹Problem Solving & Decision Making
▹Basic Accounting techniques
▹Mastering Accounts Payable and Receivables
▹Process Modeling
▹Managing Cash Flow